Blood and Blood and Blood

If I’m starved for blood I look like a perfect horror.  I started to think incessantly of drinking human blood.  I was resolute that I would not drink innocent blood.  Ah, the smell of innocent blood!

He was that same ancient monster only he was filled with my blood!  Blood and blood and blood.  Sweet luscious blood.  And my tears were blood.

I’ll drink blood.  For a long moment I looked at this blood.  You will drink blood, won’t you?  Blood came up like liquid fire.  I stared at the blood.  The blood was alive.  The blood hit the roof of my mouth.  The blood warmed me.  I heard the blood.  But I couldn’t have drunk anymore blood.

I began to drink up Paris as if the city were blood.

I wanted his blood flowing into me.  My thirst for blood.  The blood poured out.  I leaned forward and kissed the blood.  Blood running down his chin in rivulets.  The blood that soaked his lace shirt.  The blood-drenched lace.  The blood on his lace ruff.  The dark blood.

There is blood that flows.  The vampiric blood.  Blood like mine.  Blood like light itself.  Our blood.  The blood and sheer ecstasy of the blood.

Not a drop of blood had been spilt.  Those Who Drink the Blood always hide.  I will give you The Blood.  Give me the blood.  Never should I drink any blood.  The Drinking of the Blood.  He drained so much blood.  I was seeing blood and smelling blood.  You may drink your fill of the sacrificial blood.  I could drink the blood.  I smelled the blood.  They will give you all the blood that you can take.  They were Drinkers of the Blood.  A race of blood-drinking demons.

Something in my blood was impelling me to drink more blood.  I spent the nights feasting on blood.  I could endure my blood lust.  Do they want blood?  They won’t give their healing blood to me.  Try again to drink their blood.

Blood soaked pulp upon the floor.  The bloody mass.  The blood seeming to feed the fire.  There had been great battles among the Drinkers of the Blood.  All-powerful blood.  I drank of her blood until I was healed.

Out of every zinging vessel my blood was suddenly drawn.  But all the blood in the world couldn’t stop the horrors.  And then I was drinking blood in the darkness, living blood from another victim, but it wasn’t the healing blood, it was just blood.

Tara Roeder, 2016

Remixed work:
The Vampire Lestat, by Anne Rice