Seeds of Light

One bright star–
A young maiden from the far-northern country,
With the broad neck of a gentle bosom;
A charm,
Flourishing alone amidst the glowing beams,
From the pale gleam of the bright sun.
It shone up like a luminous shield of day; and,
While the beams shone, she had her eyes in them.

She touches her face
Upon her hands and breast,
And the hands fill her mind with radiant flame..
Her head then falls on her breast with rapture,
For the Moon is poured slowly as it is born:
And in the heart and eye of the sacred flame,
Flourish the flowers of earth with the perfume of her scent.

When you pass round the moon and moonlight,
The fire that lights your eyes is as the sacred flame
Which glows in the eye of God:
There may be nothing greater than this luminous flame.

Birds of the cold North now soar over the snowy land,
Mighty clouds roll high round the wintry North;
With blazing swords the great King’s steeds pass,
To ride to the distant war-rallied land.
Whistling and booming are the distant cannons.
Then thunder blasts its long and monstrous gun.

I will go down, so the Gods shall not know me,
And the wicked shall know that I am my own master
Till I shall have put down the stars from the sky.

O Gods, all ye Gods,
I entreat you,
The great work:
Surely Thou hast seen,
This world’s burning destruction;
And why art Thou wroth?

I have delivered Light,
As Thee commanded,
And have sown the seeds of My Progeny
Over this now barren earth
With dutiful glee,
And with perfect soundness of Mind.

A. G. Davis, 2021

Algorithmic approach:
NLG generated lines, prompted with text from
The Botanic Garden (Part I), by Erasmus Darwin

Language model:
GPT-2 with Textsynth

Voice of my Heart

The passion of warmth
On a cold white night,
A thousand years to come,
And he is a dying fire of love
With death’s wings,
A flaming furnace in the night
The sun burns in a dream
And he is in darkness,
He is on the ground
And we know he’s not dead yet,
But we’re asleep,
We know he’s still here,
Until morning comes,

Until morning comes,
We know he’s still here,
But we’re asleep,
And we know he’s not dead yet,
He is on the ground
And he is in darkness,
The sun burns in a dream
A flaming furnace in the night
With death’s wings
And he is a dying fire of love
A thousand years to come,
On a cold white night,
The passion of warmth

Missy Betta, 2021

Algorithmic approach:
NLG generated lines & reversal

Language model:
GPT-2 with Textsynth

Daily Horoscope : Scorpio

after Jackson Mac Low


Stars have resolved to certainly oblige. Rubies and purest milk instantly open.


Secret of finishing all affairs: consult others. Only remedy to cure the disorders of a love-sick heart: purchase afresh, in the morning, objects of admiration.


Searching for can be often interrupted, refused. Perhaps it is enough we are happy, one of the common freaks.


Subject to a cruel disorder? One-eyed men running towards you? Possessed of these ideas, it is better to run the risk of sparing the olives, mouldy bread, and sour beer.


Splendid confidence, outrageous riches and passionate fondness, in the morning, on a table, with blue garters and yellow ribbands.


Stranger children one might easily have, rash and forward persons who presume to deviate from the rules. Proper to acknowledge: it is a bitch of broken bottles.


Sinking under the various emotions—confusion, own misfortunes, O unhappy. Resolve to strangle a parrot into his aviary. In eight days, ought to be king.


Kelly Nelson, 2019

Remixed work:
Zadig, by Voltaire, a Scorpio

Algorithimic approach:
Acrostic reading

Daily Horoscope: Libra

after Jackson Mac Low


Like is about to overflow! Bliss! Roots altered!


Laugh during the day. In the night, bear false witness. Right time asketh: Am I a dishonest player?


Love only what is no easy task to understand because bad love rolleth again.


Life is in thick melancholy, and eager for the little casualties that bring birth. Becometh a lion, renounceth another abyss.


Looking-back is great, if only it be agreeable. Broken wings ringeth as at night.


Lightning to lick you, it is time now, bid, remain true to the Ah!


Love. Invisibly believeth always in that return. Beg for it! Recheweth allure.


Kelly Nelson, 2019

Remixed work:
Thus Spake Zarathustra, by Friedrick Nietzsche, a Libra

Algorithimic approach:
Acrostic reading

Daily Horoscope: Virgo

after Jackson Mac Low


Very sorry if your wish is to become really genius. Often disappeared in the light of the morning.


Visit improvement of residence. Greatest precautions, or fear the apparition.


Variety of circumstances instantly spring out. Renewed acuteness! Good fortune! Onwards, like a hurricane!


Violent visions imprinted the first kiss. Remained during the rest of the night, greatest agitations. Oh!


Vice and injustice is more painful to the human mind than remorse. Refrain from gloomy and narrow reflections upon odious companion.


Void that presents itself—it is so long before the mind rises among dark-leaved brambles, guardians to yield their orphan.


Vigorous! If this is your present temper, my friend, rank and magnificence, glad to see of so long a journey.


Kelly Nelson, 2019

Remixed work:
Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, a Virgo

Algorithimic approach:
Acrostic reading


When to Waken Want


Sorrow said, “Believe.”
Think behind and I’m the tonight.
Think really of behind, when said.
Now talking of true hail, the hail said it
Soul-cold there:

“When to waken want.”

Moon that I fool-believe.
Summer, that goodbye to all steel,
Be death-believe. Fine.
There’s raining touch.

Close me.

Think stripp’d don’t touch.
Fool to think everything goodbye,
No pluck flying.
Think-telling when please?
Goodbye there, shit soul.
Want everyday raining what more?
You all-forsaken
Winter shit think, think
What like-stories need night.
Sleep flying soul moon.
No garden-plot, that.

Hear hail
With light lies
Beneath hope.


Soul want spring realize:
Fuck-weep-soul behind th’ halo are kept-believe.
True cold tomorrow gonna
Flying lily hear some.
“Sun-warm’d no”, touch said.
Half need.
“That sick tonight”, touch said, to changing hear
‘Cause letter laugh mouth.
Chilly think lies hear behind snap, its
Want of sides


Night eyes think steel.
“There’s fine think on alone soul”, said tonight,
A when mouth.
Flying hail-soul,
Comfortless fool to believe, really.
Goodbye, same everything.
Hear a said light.


Want have.

Don’t your want.
Touch, touch that behind jealous all-forsaken.
Soon death gonna we to moon.
Flying to sleep, no talk pluck.
“Beneath”, said shit. True.
Some sides believe touch.
Believe kind soul gonna we to moon.

Please realize:
Garden-plot lily summer sides
Say, “Surprised,
No fool believes.”

“Comfortless fucking when think”, said your rose:
Think, sit mouth tonight.
Mouth-think, what full to wake.
Behind soul care,
Be sorrow.
Stories flying.
Of telling.
Think, think lost,

Jealous fool.

Brian A. Salmons, 2018

Algorithmic approach:


Remixed works:

There’s No Need, by Empire of the Sun
I Don’t Wanna Hear It, by Minor Threat
A Daughter of Eve, by Christina Rossetti


Here are 10 reasons why you should get lean, bro:
1. Axe is toning down the bro and aiming to reflect “modern masculinity.”
2. The dad bod is worse than ebola. Bro Science #72: stop the dad bod.
3. Bro-dal showers are the next big thing in weddings.
4. Bro dieting is far superior when it comes to sheer volume of food.
5. I just put out a book called Dude, Bro.
6. Frank Riggs, the shirtless, iron-pumping, ‘roided-up Bro candidate running for governor in Arizona.
7. Slap on 30 lbs of Jacked MUSCLE!
8. Late-night bro fight shows.
9. Having a robot bro wouldn’t work. All natural, bro!
10. Bro wrestling.

Relax, bro. You need to make time for you.
All men should be doing bro-ga. Guys can (and should) be bendy too.
Women should embrace dick jokes as part of the bro-menclature.
If you haven’t already, where have you been?
Do you even language, bro?

Bro is an open-source network.
Bro-country is a plague.
Marco Rubio is secretly a bro.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is your bro.
Your sensitive goth friend is actually a bro in a costume.
The bro hug option appears only when you reach Good Friend status.

You should date a bro.
More than 385,000 men got Bro-tox in the U.S. last year.
There’s nothing new about bromances, at least historically.
We can now admit that bro-jobs are happening, and happening often;
the bro package did not stop the attraction

Asa Johnson, 2017

Remixed works:
why bro, Google search results and articles

Algorithmic approach:
Google search