It Has the Potential to Improve

Consequently, it has the potential to improve
Likewise, it is not the shape of the window after death
But this time, too, as in childhood,
He was the successor to my internal organs:
Compact your basis,
Spark large fire Feed’st
And the famine, there were so many
His enemies will distress you, cruel mouth and you want:
The kit is now clean
The fact that it was adopted, and the variety of colors and heritage,
The content of your seed in Burien
Family and evil mind, confidence, self-love to look down niggarding:
Oh, and there is something to be greedy,
The diet consists of a mixture of these two worlds.

John Reinhart, 2016

Mutated work:
Sonnet I, by William Shakespeare

Algorithmic approach:
N+7 (Spoonbill)