To Ensure Success
On a First Date…

Profanities such as FUCK or TWAT.
Licentious or suggestive nudity-
in fact or in silhouette.
The burning of national flags.
The use of firearms.
Ridicule of the clergy.
And apparent cruelty to children and animals.

Eliminate vulgarity and suggestiveness such as:-
Scenes of actual childbirth –
in fact or in silhouette.
Surgical operations.
Branding of people or animals at the dining table.
The use of drugs.
Actual hangings or electrocutions.
Excessive or lustful kissing.
And  absolutely no horizontal embracing –
one of the four participating feet
should always be on the floor.

Shadwell Smith, 2014

Remixed work:
The Motion Picture Production Code of 1930 (Hays Code)