Disordered Bodies,
Fractured Minds

 (A Kintsugi * of Found Poetry for Lost Female History)

Piece together, with gold soldering words, silver sentence stitches
the shards of shattered histories of women through centuries.
Celebrate their lives of perfect imperfections, with lessons in re-
construction. Create influence from the clays of criticism others

throw, with silver rejoinders of tales, learnt at a mother’s knee
as from the mouth of nature. Fix her with golden lacquer scars
and splintered recollections, fractured bodies, fables, re-
claiming diverse identities. Fragmented tales mapping lives un-

veiled, unshackled, of porcelain strength, surface qualities
revealing the light within. Go roll a Sumerian seal over wet clay
memory, incisions detailing female deity veneration, and, re-
emboldened, slip its narrative in relief and touch its tracery tales

of femininity, folklores crossing continents. Educate with oral
riches from kiln-hot legends, playing the potter to fashion the shape
of woman transformed. Overturn ignorance, religious iconoclasms re-
claiming, with gold soldering, a whole woman from the lees and debris.

* Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold or silver lacquer.

Karen Barton, 2016

Remixed works:
Eliot, Auden, Lowell. Aspects of the Baudelairean Inheritance, by L. MacKinnon
Museum of Lost Objects: Looted Sumerian Seal, BBC’s Kanishk Tharoor, Maryam Maruf with Lamia al-Gailani, Mazin Safar, John Curtis
Disordered Bodies, Fractured Minds, by Falke Pissano