The Halves

Many there.
There were ma.
Many did tha.
Many undid tha.

The undone is.
They are speaking.

There were many who,
meanwhile were many.

Do you manage?
If so why i?

Ordinarily men
seeking wedgies the.
They this.

And that was all a bet
unto the jousting which was.

In Lon just.
In Lon just no

When they and Lon
the bat backer be.

In the backing th
under a cleft
gannets no.

That was a lot
come down th
and lack of
under the store th.
Me like methink i.

The barn.
The big sto.
Gravel on the la
yes that and festoon o

why the
and we’ll never
not two states ev

and no more store no mo
they fly by and take

just make sure to.

Jacquelyn Shah, 2018

Remixed work:

The Haves, by John Ashbery