Cody Visions

man, lowdown over a blue print
such a cunt you know         over East Forty-First?
alone driving together friscoport         a sudden splash
five years talking doesn’t get you high man
i am with Bull remember         sittin
standin         ten years now Prisno Beach
so, ah (the Green Hornet)
he’s being gay         i know what you’re thinking         all this time
Cody soft, cool in his sportshirt
only socks suit open a collar
kill a man in the night
sing it New York energy         all the cunts a New York kick
the washtubs trying mebbe all winter
(something inaudible)
(Mexican Mambo)
means look- get h-i-g-h…
carpet scarred Coca-cola
the wall a strange beautiful stove sits black onetime red
beat gas station sincere soap of America
like movie shack juke buckle
sailors kids brokendown sharp suits
wild clear on the big Dreiser house lighting
distant moanings, with their sheens
with its nameless Lee Konitz greenshow
drunk for a month on Texas jewelry
fires of American poolhall white school
basement Colfax stolid         motherlike
realities nudging cars         tired
i want to stretch like a bum
blowing the bus to ice-cold rice
New Jersey

Terry Lea, 2020

Remixed work:

Visions of Cody, by Jack Kerouac