one bird at a time
comb the corpse’s hair
makes language holy?

a zero in your mouth where there once was a tongue
When you ate wine-soaked water lilies
with such dead eyes
with piss teeth

poison-hushed, huge,
the storm
wants the beasts back

the color of an ants wing: pale

my mouth is a scar
out of co-wandered language
like spears, resemble draped cane-shadows

and speak chrome to your muted eyes
Your wings open, your body shed it’s exoskeleton
of darkness –

Perhaps it’s true
then this


George McKim, 2016

Remixed works:
Did Don Juan Eat Like This?, by Emily Rudofsky
One Bird ata Time, by Luisa Muradyan
Cicatrix, by Rachel Fogarty-Oleson
[untitled], by Serena Chopra
Skin Horse, by Olivia Cronk
Paschal Smoke, by Paul Celan
Because you found the trouble shard, by Paul Celan
Stretto, by Paul Celan