A Very Sad Poem

George Eliot Jibson

a dead man, eyes set,
limbs stiff, made of iron
said good-night and walked off
on his legs – soul
loose from his body

walking home near four o’clock
buttoning his coat he set off
undertaking a remarkable feat
of locomotion through gathering mist
in darkness
his feet dragging along

on-coming of daylight
veiled by falling
trackless snow
touched consciousness
chilled and faint
turning towards a
red uncertain heart

a man little short of madness
believing the testimony
of an angel who knows
deep sorrow and despair
lived life like the spider
in his solitude
love at last finished
he sat in loneliness
and moaned very low

David Jibson, 2015

Remixed Work:
Silas Marner, by George Eliot