I Am Aziz Ansari

Caitlin Iona - I-am-Aziz-Ansari-Found-Poem

Caitlin Iona, 2018

Remixed works:

“I went on a date with Aziz Ansari. It turned into the worst night of my life”, by Katie Way
“Aziz Ansari is not the woke desi feminist we thought he was”, by Harnidh Kaur
“The pursuit of white women: Brown actors like Aziz Ansari have reduced brown women to a punchline”, by Nadya Agrawal
“Assault is not a feeling. The Aziz Ansari story shows why language matters”, by Tiffany Wright
“The Aziz Ansari furore isn’t the end of #MeToo. It’s just the start”, by Sarah Solemani
“Has #MeToo gone too far, or not far enough? The answer is both”, by Laura Kipnis
“10 Thoughts On Grace, Aziz Ansari, And Girls Who Don’t Give A F _ CK: Notes From A Sexual Literacy Educator”, by Natasha Singh
“Aziz Ansari and the Struggle to Trust the ‘Feminist’ Men of Hollywood”, by Cate Young
“this whole Aziz Ansari story is deeply irresponsible journalism.”, by @skinnymarie
“Let’s be honest about Aziz Ansari”, by Lucia Brawley
“The Humiliation of Aziz Ansari”, by Caitlin Flanagan
“HLN Host Ashleigh Banfield Slams Aziz Ansari Accuser: ‘You Have Chipped Away at a Movement’”, by Patrick Shanley
“Aziz Ansari Is Guilty. Of Not Being a Mind Reader.”, by Bari Weiss
“Babe, what are you doing?”, by Julianne Escobedo Shepherd
“What’s the difference between a bad date and a wild night? It depends who you ask”, by Hadley Freeman