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Happy Birthday to my big bad 10 year old nephew!
The social experiment that rocked the Middle-East!

In 3 days at the ballpark 49.07 miles walked and 7028 caleries burned.
This elephant was stuck in the mud, but these villagers worked tirelessly until he was free.
This invention fixes the worst part about owning a cat.

Puerto Rico is in the middle of a spiraling economic crisis.
Happy 2 months to our sweet pea
This guy turned a syringe into a food slicer.
Every WrestleMania ever…

FB Fans! Pulled pork sandwich and fries!
Training like a Ninja Warrior

Take a stand and fight against this inherently corrupt campaign finance system.
I wish I could be this honest…Lol.

These veterans are standing on Chicago’s most dangerous street corners to make sure kids get to and from school safely.
Happy birthday to a man that made a difference in the life of everyone he encountered
Independent Bookstore Day in the Gala

You wrote on David’s Timeline.
TBT to 2005 when we had no idea what we were in for with this sassy
#freeshipping cats take over the planet

Baby Caiyah is here..
Where truckers and strippers meet children and families.
Get your first look at ROGUE ONE
This is so helpful.

Looks like Trump isn’t coming after all.
How does more streaming sound?
How to price your work.

Why are professional chefs and home cooks going so CRAZY over this NEW 7″ cooking knife?

One of you just sent me these numbers for the Democratic primary at this point in time — which I’ve checked out and appear accurate.
How do tax havens like Panama work?

Ben Jenkins, 2016

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First lines from my Facebook Feed at 11:34 am, April 7, 2016