Seeds of Light

One bright star–
A young maiden from the far-northern country,
With the broad neck of a gentle bosom;
A charm,
Flourishing alone amidst the glowing beams,
From the pale gleam of the bright sun.
It shone up like a luminous shield of day; and,
While the beams shone, she had her eyes in them.

She touches her face
Upon her hands and breast,
And the hands fill her mind with radiant flame..
Her head then falls on her breast with rapture,
For the Moon is poured slowly as it is born:
And in the heart and eye of the sacred flame,
Flourish the flowers of earth with the perfume of her scent.

When you pass round the moon and moonlight,
The fire that lights your eyes is as the sacred flame
Which glows in the eye of God:
There may be nothing greater than this luminous flame.

Birds of the cold North now soar over the snowy land,
Mighty clouds roll high round the wintry North;
With blazing swords the great King’s steeds pass,
To ride to the distant war-rallied land.
Whistling and booming are the distant cannons.
Then thunder blasts its long and monstrous gun.

I will go down, so the Gods shall not know me,
And the wicked shall know that I am my own master
Till I shall have put down the stars from the sky.

O Gods, all ye Gods,
I entreat you,
The great work:
Surely Thou hast seen,
This world’s burning destruction;
And why art Thou wroth?

I have delivered Light,
As Thee commanded,
And have sown the seeds of My Progeny
Over this now barren earth
With dutiful glee,
And with perfect soundness of Mind.

A. G. Davis, 2021

Algorithmic approach:
NLG generated lines, prompted with text from
The Botanic Garden (Part I), by Erasmus Darwin

Language model:
GPT-2 with Textsynth