Caveat Emptor

I used to kid about crawling around the woods talking to animals. Imagine my surprise when I learned it was a waterfall. This was in the ’60s when everybody stole everything. So there were a lot of books around, for one thing. Wherever I was, if it started raining, I’d run to work. You were allowed to be mean to the customers. The customer was always wrong. And now? I’m just looking at the hummingbird up there so I don’t have to deal with all the parking and the bullshit. Then I can meet the coyotes on the way back.

Howie Good, 2019

Remixed works:

John Waters on Working for Mary Oliver in Her Bookstore, with Paul Holdengraber
A.E. Stallings: ‘I’m Optimistic About Poetry, but That’s Maybe the Only Thing’, by Peter Mishler
T.C. Boyle is Most Certainly Living His Best Life, by Peter Nowogrodzki