Lack of Color



The word colorlessness?

In America?

In white tyrant states?

Whence this passion
towards woven strands
of colorlessness?

Whence this conformity
to the many parts
of being invisible?

Color is.

Diversity is.

Think of what
would happen,

to end by
not a color
but the

Mike Ferguson, 2018

Remixed work:

The Invisible Man, by Ralph Ellison

Abstract Cake

Postminimalism digested
and converted into sugar,

the calories are
Artist Run Documentation –

their colour fields to
sabotage contemporary loss.

Taos art, mail art, rice art:
giving them the truth about

bulk and lyrical abstraction.
Performance art/internet and

fibre collectives are a craze of
carbohydrate truth,

applying expressionism.
To improve satiety

cooperatives position the least
diet art into an art of snacking,

curators sprinkled with
growing and emerging forms.

Having a cake and eaten,
it is a movement in realism.

Mike Ferguson, 2018

Remixed works:

The Truth About Rice Cakes, by Elle Penner
Contemporary art gallery,
at Wikipedia